2020 Veteran Games and Conference

The Veteran Games 2020

The inaugural Veteran Games and Conference that took place in Israel in May 2019 was seen to be highly successful. In order to build the momentum, it has been considered viable and advantageous to rerun this programme in 2020. It is anticipated that thereafter there will be a two-year period between future Games.

Reasons for continuing to develop the Veteran Games Programme:

The Veterans Games and Conference 2019 proved to be an extremely positive experience for the veterans and their families. Events of this nature play a significant part in the ongoing recovery of veterans who have suffered physical injury and/or psychological scarring as a consequence of military service. The bringing together of wounded UK and Israeli military veterans and family members for a combination of sporting competition and social and cultural activities in Israel created an inclusive and collaborative atmosphere that proved conducive to the sharing of common experiences; many have profited from this.

The Mental Health Conference held in conjunction with the 2019 Games was also considered a success in that it brought together leaders in the field of mental health from both nations; this level of collaboration is essential for the development of understanding and progression central to the continued development of the mental health support for veterans.

In addition to the Games, the Veteran Games Organisation under the leadership of the CEO of Beit Halochem UK, Spencer Gelding, as well as the newly appointed Veteran Games Project Coordinator, former Royal Marine Andrew Garland, will be responsible for continuing and further developing the engagement between Israeli and UK Veteran Organisations. This will be achieved by maintaining communication channels with both the previous UK participants of the Games and the UK veteran organisations. In addition, to further develop these links, consideration will be given to organising events that benefit all parties.

These may include:

  • Remembrance Day activities (involving UK and Israel Veterans)
  • School / University joint programmes
  • Joint family activity days
  • Include UK Veterans on rehabilitation programmes that are currently being organised by Beit Halochem in Israel.

Confirmed UK Veteran Organisation Partners:

Rock2Recovery, Combat Stress, RAFBF, The Not Forgotten Association, The Royal Marines Charity, AJEX, Veterans Scotland, FELIX, SSAFA, and Help for Heroes.