Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

The word ‘lochem’ in Hebrew, from which Beit Halochem derives its name, means ‘warrior’ – and it has the same root as the word ‘lechem’ meaning ‘bread’. What then is the connection between these two apparently completely different words?

When we make a blessing over bread, we thank God, ‘who brings forth bread from the earth’ and yet as we know, God Himself does not provide the bread. He provides the grain from which people are able to make bread. The blessing teaches us the powerful lesson, that nothing comes to us without toil and exertion. If we take responsibility for investing the effort into growing the crops, processing them into ingredients and then taking the time to mix and bake them, only then will we be rewarded with the staple food for our physical sustenance.


So too with a warrior. No person is born a soldier. They need countless hours of training; learning and honing their skills until they are able to provide us with the physical protection that we need. If we take seriously our responsibility to invest in our defence forces, then we can benefit from safety and security.


Beit Halochem exists because it understands that an essential part of that responsibility is the care we provide to soldiers when they can no longer serve as our ‘warriors’. The commitment that we show to the wellbeing of those who put their lives on the line for the protection of the Jewish State, is absolutely essential for Israel’s future.


May we all live to see a time without conflict or war, when there will be no further need for these brave men and women to put the safety of others before themselves.


May all of your continued efforts be blessed 

Lord and Lady Mendelsohn

“We have been involved with Beit Halochem for several years – an organisation which looks after thousands of veterans and victims of terror – each with their own personal and individual stories and we have learnt about the most uplifting and incredible examples of bravery and how Beit Halochem has helped countless veterans through their darkest moments.”

Jonathan Arkush- The President of The Board of Deputies of British Jews

“Since the foundation of the state of Israel, many thousands of soldiers have sustained terrible injuries while serving their country with great bravery. We in the wider Jewish world owe them a huge debt of gratitude and care. The work that Beit Halochem UK does in funding the centres which care for disabled soldiers and victims of terror makes a massive difference to these people and their families. We commend their work and urge you to contribute this very worthy cause.”

H.E. the Ambassador of Israel Mark Regev

“All those involved in the important work of Beit Halochem can be justifiably proud. You enable a great institution to continue its work providing invaluable support for Israel’s wounded military veterans. In doing so you are not only giving real help to people who most deserve it, but you are standing up for the men and women who protect and safeguard the Jewish state and the Jewish people.”

Joe Jaffe – The Jaffe Family (Honorary Patrons)

“Our family began our involvement in Beit Halochem more than 18 years ago. What has inspired us to continue and increase our support is, not only how the amazing efforts to help those who have been inured adapt to the new life, but the help, support and comfort given to their families who, so often, are the unseen victims.  No one could visit one of the Beit Halochem centres without being inspired and humbled. With the continual barrage of negative sentiment that we see in the media about Israel, it is not always easy to feel confident about the future.  Institutions like Beit Halochem certainly redress the balance of sentiment. It reminds us of what is great and almost unique about Israel.” 

Rabbi B. Marcus MBE

“My family and I have been supporters of Beit Halochem for many years. When I lived in Israel, I had the privilege of living next door to one of the Beit Halochem centres and was able to witness first-hand the dedicated help given in an effort to rehabilitate the many injured Israeli soldiers.  I am in admiration of the wonderful work done on a daily basis by Beit Halochem and would highly recommend supporting them.” 

Ian Austin, MP for Dudley North

“It was a great privilege to meet your clients and to see the centre. I had no idea what to expect beforehand, but was very impressed with the fantastic facilities and superb support the centre provides. Most of all, I was so impressed by the determination and resilience people showed as a result of the support and encouragement they receive. It seemed to me that the whole ethos was on enabling people to do anything they want despite their injuries. I think Britain should do all it can to care for its veterans and so I was very interested to see how this work is carried in other countries.”