Annual BHUK charity golf day


The Annual Beit Halochem Golf Day took place on 4 May 2017 at Hartsbourne Golf & Country Club to raise funds for Beit Halochem. It was attended by special guest Yoram Kuchel – a Beit Halochem veteran who was a reservist with the Israeli Air Force. In 1974, Yoram was sent out on a combat mission to rescue the crew of a combat fighter plane which had undergone an emergency landing. Yoram and his team were unaware that the plane had contained cluster bombs which had not all been disposed of prior to the emergency landing.

On discovering this fact, the jeep that Yoram was travelling in towards the plane was involved in a collision and Yoram suffered horrific injuries to his arm. Despite attempts to save his arm, he was left with no sensation so he chose to have it amputated. Yoram attended Beit Halochem in Tel Aviv where he soon became a very good tennis player and also joined the Golf Team and very quickly became a skilled golf player. His back-hand swing is reported to be miraculous!

 The event, which included breakfast, buffet lunch, a fabulous raffle and presentation by Yoram, raised  funds for the Beit Halochem Rehabilitation Centres in Israel which looks after the 51,000 wounded IDF veterans for the rest of their lives. Yoram praised the charity and everyone who attended on the day, thanking them for their continued support describing Beit Halochem as a family.