For Synagogues

Beit Halochem welcomes the opportunity of working with your synagogue.

In the past we have brought over inspirational and motivational speakers from Beit  with incredible stories including veterans who have gone on to become Gold medal Paralympic Champions. Our main goal is to engage with your community, to educate your members and to reach out to new people in order to teach them about the incredible work that Beit Halochem does in Israel. There are a number of ways to involve your community with Beit Halochem. We have set out a few ideas below.


  • Hold an event with proceeds donated to our charity.
  • We can organise for a Beit Halochem veteran to talk at your synagogue to coincide with Yom Hazikaron or other times throughout the year.
  • Charity of choice: As your charity of choice, we would work with your community to develop an annual programme that will help educate your members about our charity.