Noam Gershony

Noam was one step from death.


How did we help him reach the gold medal podium?


Apache helicopter pilot Noam Gershony’s story almost ended in July 2006, when his helicopter crashed during The Second Lebanon War.


The impact left his co-pilot dead and Noam critically injured. An emergency airlift to the Rambam Medical Centre in Haifa saved his life.


After four years of physical and emotional struggle, Noam found a way to live again. At the Beit Halochem Tel Aviv Centre, he rekindled his love of tennis, training regularly, with the dedication and focus he thought he’d left behind in the helicopter wreckage.


Noam’s perseverance enabled him to eventually reach international level and, in 2012, the pilot who fell to earth found himself on top of the winner’s podium, accepting the gold medal at the London Paralympic Games.


Your legacy will help soldiers like Noam embrace a rewarding and worthwhile future.


Beit Halochem helped Noam make the journey from paralysed ex-helicopter pilot to Paralympic gold medallist.


Only the generous donations and legacies from friends like you enabled us to fund the £30,000 it took to help Noam.