Ian Austin, MP For Dudley North, Most Impressed By Beit Halochem, Tel Aviv

On 5 January 2017, Ian Austin, MP for Dudley North, was shown around Beit Halochem in Tel Aviv where he met some veterans, heard some inspiring personal stories and played table tennis and other sports with the veterans.

Ian Austin MP was moved by the resilience of the veterans and keenly interested in the quality of the facilities available and how it could be replicated for veterans in Britain.

He shared his views following his visit:

“It was a great privilege to meet your clients and to see the centre. I had no idea what to expect beforehand, but was very impressed with the fantastic facilities and superb support the centre provides. Most of all, I was so impressed by the determination and resilience people showed as a result of the support and encouragement they receive. It seemed to me that the whole ethos was on enabling people to do anything they want despite their injuries. I think Britain should do all it can to care for its veterans and so I was very interested to see how this work is carried in other countries.

Ian Austin shares a moment with 28-year-old Snir Pilus at the shooting gallery.

Snir was wounded while serving as a reservist officer in the Engineering Corps in the 2014 Operation Protective Edge in Gaza.  He suffered leg injuries but was mostly left with severe PTSD after several of his men were killed.  Snir has begun shooting at the Beit Halochem shooting range which he finds very therapeutic as it forces him to focus and concentrate, something which is extremely difficult for people suffering from PTSD.