Members of the House of Lords Visited Jerusalems Beit Halochem

5/ 10/2016

Five members of the House of Lords visited Jerusalems Beit Halochem, for a very moving first time visit of its kind. The visit was an initiative of Beit Halochem UK.

Beit Halochem UK raises 900,000 at their annual dinner for new Rehabilitation Centre in Ashdod

19/ 6/2016

420 guests attended Beit Halochems annual dinner at the Dorchester on Tuesday Night. Mrs Orly Wolfson, Dinner Chair and Trustee, welcomed the guests telling them that since 2015 alone, there had been 501 newly injured soldiers who had become members.

Beit Halochem UK Raises 820,000

12/ 7/2015

ore than 350 guests of Beit Halochem UK helped raise a staggering 820,000 for disabled IDF veterans and their families. The day was Wednesday, the venue was The Dorchester and the speakers were highlyesteemed, including Lord (Danny) Finkelstein, Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub and top lawyer Anthony Julius.



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