Yom Hazikaron Campaign with IDF veteran Hanoch Budin

On Yom Hazikaron we remember soldiers that did not come home but also remember soldiers that did. While Israel is defended by the brave men and women of the IDF, Beit Halochem will provide specialised and essential services vital to our wounded veterans.

As part of our Yom Hazikaron campaign this year, we brought over an exceptional IDF veteran and Beit Halochem member, Hanoch Budin.

Hanoch was injured during the 1982 First Lebanon War.  Hanoch, who is a motivational speaker addressed schools and synagogues across London discussing his injury, rehabilitation and how he went on to become an elite swimming athlete going on to win eight Paralympic medals. Hanoch lit the flame at the thirteenth maccabia games in Israel.

Highlights include his poignant talk at Immanuel College during their moving Yom Hazikaron School Assembly, addressing two year groups at JFS school, and a speech at Hampstead Synagogue.